Tourist Company "Solovki-tour" - is the leading tour operator to Solovki, situated directly on the archipelago. "Solovki-tour" will help you choose the most convenient program to Solovki Islands from one to seven days long according to your interests, requirements and schedule.

"Solovki-tour" recommends visiting the sanctuaries of the Solovki Monastery as well as taking part in various excursions, which feature the history and nature of the archipelago. Visitors can make boat trips to Bolshoy Zayatsky Island with its ancient sanctuaries, and to Big Muksalma Island where the ancient dumb was built of stones across the Iron Gate Strait. There is also a special excursion available devoted to the history of the Soviet concentration camps. Nature lovers can take a walk round the most northern botanical garden in the country, watch the rise and fall of the tide on the seashore, and also try their luck in fishing in the sea or in the lakes, or in photo-hunting for the gigantic beluga whales. Romantic rowboat trips through the lakes and canals are always popular with travelers of every age. Autumn is the most picturesque time of the year in Solovki. It is in autumn that the turbulent beauty of colors attracts numerous artists and photographers to the islands. In winter, visitors enjoy trips to remote dwellings of the monks, fishing in the sea and in the lakes, and skiing across the ice of the White Sea to the neighboring Zayatsky Islands.

"Solovki-tour" offers services of the best guides, demonstration of video films on Solovki and exclusive meetings with leading experts on the history and nature of the archipelago. The company also has the experience of organization of international research and filming expeditions, as well as corporate events and role games.

"Solovki-tour" provides transportation services and friendly escort for assistance to the guests traveling to the Solovki Islands. "Solovki-tour" provides the travelers with hot lunches, cooked to traditional Northern recipes.

"Solovki-tour" offers accommodation and meals in the comfortable, international-class "GREEN VILLAGE - SOLOVKI****" built in 2004, and other hotels of the island.


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