Practical Information for Travelers to Solovki


The Solovki Archipelago is located in the North of Russia 160 km off the Polar Circle. The insular climate is the reason for frequent changes of the weather. In summer, the temperature can vary from +7 to + 25 degrees Centigrade. The amount of rain in the summer months is less than in Moscow or St Petersburg.

For a comfortable stay in Solovki, we recommend that travelers should bring warm clothes, comfortable waterproof footwear and a raincoat or waterproof coat. Swimsuits will come handy, as it is possible to swim in the lakes, where the water is warm enough.

If your itinerary includes boat trips in the sea, we recommend bringing medicines against seasickness and disposal bags for the case of seasickness, though in July and August the sea is favorable to the traveler. Passengers should be especially careful during embarkation and disembarkation. For your own safety, it is essential to follow the instructions of the boat crew and your escort.

The Solovki Islands are a nature preserve area, but picking mushrooms and berries and fishing are allowed. Registration at the local forestry office is required for walks in the forests without an escort.

There are no dangerous animals or snakes on the Solovki Islands. There are no mosquitoes in the Solovki Village and on the seashore, but travelers who intend visiting the forests on Solovki will need mosquito repellants. Buses "PAZ" and "UAZ" conduct transport services of visitors on Big Solovki Island. The maximum duration between stops for bus transfers by old ground roads is one hour.

The itineraries usually include visiting the active Solovki Monastery and churches, therefore it will be necessary to observe the traditional rules of dressing for these visits: women should have their heads covered, and should by all means wear skirts (skirts may be worn on top of trousers); shorts and revealing clothes will not be acceptable.

The checkout time at the hotels is 12.00. Before and after checkout time the luggage of the guests can be kept in the hotels' luggage storerooms.

The island has a post office and a public telephone. The Solovki village and nearby area is within GSM and MTS mobile telephone coverage.

There is a utility shop and several food shops available on the islands, some of them work round the clock.

Enjoy your stay!