Islands always beckon people by their mysteriousness, by seclusion, especially if they are located among the cold arctic sea with its white nights and polar light. Solovki archipelago attracts also as "ecological oasis", where nature is not disfigured, in comparison with the continent, where sea and air are transparent, water in the lakes is pure, population is few, and the rhythm of life is sluggish. Solovki fauna, where there are hares, fox, squirrels, the numerous forms of birds, is absolutely safe for the man - there is not one dangerous animal for the man. Solovki nature is available, because there are no impervious or excessively dangerous landscapes on the islands. Local forests draw to themselves with their medicinal air, with berries and mushrooms. There is always a possibility of sea or lake fishing: it is more than six hundred not similar to each large and small lakes with its unsolved secrets. To those who love nature and active leisure it is proposed to conduct several days in one of the most pure corners of Earth, among the fir trees and water.