How to Reach Solovki

You can choose any of the ways below to reach Solovki, unless your program suggests otherwise.

1. By airplane from Arkhangelsk. The flight by aircraft L-410 (18 passengers) takes 40 minutes. There are scheduled flights from "Vaskovo" airport in Arkhangelsk twice a week (Monday & Friday 13.30). Return flights cannot be booked in advance, they can only be bought in Solovki airport. If you chose to fly, but failed to make a flight reservation, ask one of "Solovki-tour" representative offices. If necessary, we organize transit services in Arkhangelsk (hotel, meals, transfers, excursions).

2. By airplane from Moscow. The flights by aircrafts TU-154 & TU-134 (from Moscow to Arkhangelsk); AN-24 (from Arkhangelsk to Solovki) are brought by "Nordavia" Company. Regular flights are conducted 3 times a week from "Sheremetievo-1" airport (Monday, Friday & Sunday 13.30). Tickets are available in any ticket office of "Aeroflot" Company. (http://www.nordavia.ru/eng/)

3. By train to Kem & then by boat. You can take a train to Kem (24 hours from Moscow and 15 hours from St Petersburg). You can reserve a bus or taxi from the railway station to the hotel Prichal in Rabocheostrovsk (12 km), rooms in the hotel Prichal and excursions in Kem at any of "Solovki-tour" representative offices. It takes 2.5 hours from Rabocheostrovsk to Solovki by boat.

4. By car to Kem & then by boat. It is 850 km from St.Petersburg to Moscow or about 9 hours by car. The tourist complex Prichal will provide parking for your car, and you can take a boat to Solovki. You are also welcome to reserve transit services (hotel, meals, transfers, excursions) in one of "Solovki-tour" representative offices.